what is an med

A med is a person. A med is a person.

An amnesiac is also an amnesiac, and they’re both the same person. They’re both the same person, and they both need a medic.

So what is an amnesiac? An amnesiac is someone who was not born with consciousness but who has been taken from their parents and used as a human test-tube to learn about the world in a way never before possible. You have to be born with consciousness to be an amnesiac, you have to be born with the ability to become a human test-tube to be an amnesiac, and you have to have been taken from your parents to learn about the world.

An amnesiac is also called a “dumb” or “non-thinker.” This is because they don’t have the ability to think, but they still are people. They are usually born with some form of brain damage. This means they can’t think with their normal thinking powers, but they still have a brain that works normally. They are also often the target of abuse, and as such are often called “dumb.

Meds are drugs which do exactly what the name says, they make you dumb, and therefore unable to think or reason. If you are a brain-damaged amnesiac (and you are) you have a limited ability to think and reason, so you are often called dumb. The only thing that is more dumb than a dumb person is a dumb person who thinks with his brain, and that’s why we call them dumb.

Well, there ya go. They are dumb in that they are too dumb to know what they are doing. They have a brain that works normally, so they don’t get the idea that they are dumb. They are stupid only in that they think with their brain, and thus they think dumb.

You are smart in that you are smart for thinking with your brain, and you are dumb for thinking with your brain. You are also dumb in that you are dumb for thinking dumb things. It would seem that we are dealing with some extreme cases of brain damage, but there is a group of people in the world who are not dumb. They are called meds and they are people who have had brain damage.

Meds as a category are all the same. They are people who have had severe brain damage. The damage is usually caused by a stroke or other type of injury to the brain. They are not stupid, they are not dumb, and they are not stupid for thinking dumb things.

As you well know, a stroke is a temporary loss of brain function, and once the brain function returns, that person is stupid. A person with a stroke is basically a zombie brain, a person who has suffered a stroke is not as smart as a normal human brain. They have lost their ability to think, but they are still able to communicate and act and feel like a human being.

However, people who have suffered a stroke are not as smart as those who do not suffer a stroke. Because of this, a person who suffers a stroke may not be as intelligent as a person with a normal brain. This is the most important point of all. People who have suffered a stroke are not as smart as people who do not suffer a stroke.

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